Opbrid Trukbaar Charging Stations for Trucks

This entirely new design shifts all the weight and cost from the vehicle to the charging station and can be used for both fast daytime charging en route, and for automatic night charging at the depot for maximum fleet flexibility. The new Trůkbaar fits easily on most heavy vehicles which opens up many new possibilites for heavy duty electric vehicles. Some possibilities are mining trucks, short haul tractor trailors, delivery trucks, airport vehicles and many more. 
Features at a glance
  • Compact fixed in-line current collector on roof for lowest cost, weight and maintenance on the vehicle.
  • Ultra High Power; up to 650kW today, and is designed to provide a pathway to future extreme power transfer requirements in a standards-based way.
  • Lowering curbside pantograph that can adjust to practically any height vehicle while raising to over 4.5 meters when not charging.
  • Compact overhead unit reduces visual impact and allows the use of a wide variety of mounting posts to blend in with existing street furniture.
  • Fits almost any heavy duty vehicle due to its small rooftop footprint.
  • Good docking tolerance without the need for expensive robotic mechanisms.
  • Heavy duty Swiss design by Furrer+Frey for years of trouble free performance.
  • Safety features that always ensure correct connection, even with vehicles and charging stations from different manufacturers and with differing power requirements.
  • Optional insulating cover for an additional layer of safety and weather protection.
  • Excellent value and quality.
The new design of the Opbrid Trůkbaar also liberates designers to create curbside charging stations that blend into existing streetscapes, or that stand out as elegantly sculptured street furniture. This is because the overhead pantograph is compact and hidden underneath a weatherproof cover. This means that the mounting post as well as the weatherproof cover can be almost any shape imaginable, giving designers unlimited freedom.
Of course, safety is our utmost concern, so the Opbrid Trůkbaar has been designed to conform to IEC and ISO standards for high power DC charging, with 4 contacts, correct contact sequence, and built-in verification of contact surface before charging. The parking tolerance is quite broad and reliable due to our years of experience making bus fast charging stations. An optional insulating cover for the on-vehicle part is available to add an additional layer of safety. The station retracts upward to over 4.5 meters when not charging to fulfill traffic regulations.
Opbrid Trukbaar as seen installed on a large 18 meter bus in Umea, Sweden. The current collector only takes up a small space at the front of the vehicle and is operating now with a current of almost 1000 Amps with no problems.