About Us
Focused on Charging Stations for Heavy Vehicles 
Opbrid SL was founded by Roger Bedell in 2009 in Granada, Spain, with the sole aim of providing automatic conductive charging stations for electric and hybrid urban buses. As opposed to some of our competitors, we have decided to leverage existing technology and components from the European electric rail industry. Our partners, Furrer+Frey (CH) and Schaefer (DE) have many years of experience providing high power transfer to trains and trams. Opbrid has adapted this technology to the nascent field of bus fast charging with the innovative Opbrid Bůsbaar Charging Station.
Roger Bedell, CEO and Founder
BSEE Washington State University
Moved to Spain in 2006
First investigated fast charging of buses in 2007
EVS-24 Paper Stavanger, Norway, May 2009:
"A Practical, 70-90% Electric Bus Without Overhead Wires"
Several patents in the area of fast charging stations for heavy vehicles.
Opbrid SL recognizes that it takes a strong team to put together a practical fast charged electric or hybrid bus system. The following companies have world class competencies in their respective fields. Leveraging their expertise, Opbrid SL can provide a complete Busbaar Charging Station system customized to your requirements in a matter of a just a few months.
Team Members:
Furrer + Frey AG, Bern, Switzerland. Engineering and fabrication of the Opbrid Busbaar fast charging station. World leaders in overhead power transfer equipment and projects for heavy electric rail.
Schaefer Power GmbH , Achern, Germany: Suppliers of high quality charging electronics charging the bus batteries. The Schaefer charger is a high quality, flexible and intelligent high power DC charger. Supplier to many European rail systems for large DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies, made in Germany.
Robust Supply Chain
We also recognize the requirement of purchasers that our equipment be able to be maintained, and replacement parts available after many years of service. We have carefully selected our suppliers and components to achieve this goal. Each of our suppliers has been in business many years, with a strong balance sheet. Additionally, each of them work in the European electric rail industry, which has even more stringent requirements than buses for long term supply, since trains and infrastructure last many decades.
For example, Furrer+Frey can supply replacement parts for any of its designs, stretching back over 90 years from the original drawings. Schaefer also has strict policies in force that enable them to replace and repair any of its products over a 20 year lifespan. 
Claudio Ghilino,
EECE Electronics and Computers
engineer UCA-FASTA.
Specialized in software development
for automation and control.
He has previously worked in avionics,
telecommunications and software
development companies.
Enmanuel Garcia Rus,
Electronic & BS Industrial engineer, UGR-UMA, Spain
Specialist in Industrial electronic and control.
Experience in electrical projects and mechanical design.