Automatic High Power Charging for Buses, Trucks, and Trains
The Opbrid High Power Charging Station is the elegant, cost-effective way to charge your bus, truck, train or tram at powers up to 1MW so your vehicle is on the road, not sitting still.
  1. Opbrid Bůsbaar Depot Charger
    Opbrid Bůsbaar Depot Charger
    The convenience of automated charging at bus depots.
  2. Opbrid Bůsbaar Curbside Charger
    Opbrid Bůsbaar Curbside Charger
    Ultra power opportunity charging at the route ends for urban buses
  3. Opbrid Trůkbaar
    Opbrid Trůkbaar
    Ultra power charging for all kinds of trucks.
  4. Opbrid Railbaar
    Opbrid Railbaar
    Ultra high power charging stations for trains and trams
Reference Projects
Opbrid was the first to deploy the overhead pantograph type of charging heavy vehicles. Here are some of our projects. 
The Opbrid Busbaar. Charging stations for heavy vehicles.  
Simple, elegant, cost effective.